• Crystal ball gazing

    05 December 2009

    It's traditional at this time of year to look back over the 12 months gone by, and forward to the year to come.

  • Three markets are better than one

    05 December 2009

    Legislation for a federal US renewable energy target risks slowing existing state and voluntary efforts – unless it is properly designed, argues Gabe Petlin

  • All systems go

    05 December 2009

    Investors, companies and governments should next year find it easier to access high-quality climate change information, as the leading disclosure system implements a major upgrade. Christopher Cundy reports

  • How to get your green

    05 December 2009

    Gregory Burkart reviews the incentives for clean energy in the US Recovery Act and gives some tips on how industry can tap into support provided by the programme

  • The adaptation imperative

    05 December 2009

    Companies will not only increasingly have to mitigate climate change, they will also have to adapt to it. But what questions should their shareholders be asking? Rory Sullivan, David Russell and Seb Beloe summarise the first report of its kind on the adaption question

  • Professionalising GHG verification

    05 December 2009

    The recent suspension of a leading CDM verification company has highlighted the need to 'professionalise' the auditors of greenhouse gas emissions, say Tim Stumhofer and Michael Gillenwater

  • Cash for clunkers?

    05 December 2009

    The US government has won plaudits from renewable energy project developers for the speed with which it got grant cash out of the door. But, as Gloria Gonzalez reports, there are concerns it may be backing less-than-stellar projects

  • Parched plants, risky investments

    05 December 2009

    Dana Krechowicz examines how two key sectors in South and Southeast Asia are being affected by water scarcity – and what investors should be doing about it

  • Putting a price on nature

    05 December 2009

    Pavan Sukhdev is aiming to do for the economics of biodiversity what Nicholas Stern did for climate change. He talks to Mark Nicholls

  • GHGs: Carbon trading on the cusp

    01 December 2009

    After a tough 2009, winners of Environmental Finance's 10th annual market survey are hopeful that 2010 will be the breakthrough year for carbon markets around the world. Mark Nicholls reports