A new prosperity

Business and finance must look beyond simple measures of profitability if they are to meet the world's social, ­environmental and ethical challenges, says John Gummer

The Rio grandee

In 10 years EcoSecurities has grown from a two-man band in the Malaysian rainforest to one of the world's largest carbon traders. Mark Nicholls talks to co-founder Pedro Moura Costa

The carbon quandary

Investors and company executives alike see merit in increasing transparency on corporate greenhouse gas emissions. But, in the absence of regulation or standards, disclosure can raise as many questions as it answers. Elisabeth Jeffries reports

Can solar deliver?

Investors are heavily backing solar photovoltaics as the clean energy technology of choice. But, argues Roger Franklin, they are backing the wrong horse

Power to the people

The growing enthusiasm for biofuels touches many of the world's high-profile issues: energy, the environment, food supply, trade and a large dose of international politics. Vic Wyman reports

Fuel cell inside

With the much-vaunted hydrogen economy still on the distant horizon, the fuel cell sector has fallen out of favour with environmental investors. But Ceres Power is offering a different fuel cell play. Elisabeth Jeffries reports

Rethinking risk

As this issue of Environmental Finance went to press on 21 August, the world's investors seemed to be holding their breath. The US Fed's move at the end of the previous week, cutting its discount rate by 0.5 percentage points, had, for the time being at least, put the brakes on stock market slides. But, with continuing anxiety in the credit markets, the consensus is that more volatility is around the corner.

A challenge to Congress

The US Congress has the rare opportunity to integrate energy and environmental policy. Lisa Jacobson suggests how it should approach the climate change element

A question of design

While new emissions trading schemes are under consideration in Australasia and the US, the debate over their efficacy shows no sign of abating. Julian Turecek presents the case for the defence

The green energy reckoning

Andrew Nourafshan explains how the Green-e programme has tackled ­concerns over environmental integrity and ­double-counting in the US renewable energy ­certificate market – and how it is expanding into emissions