Hanging in the balance?

Progress towards the low-carbon economy has been impressive, but business needs the right signals from government – and they both need to work together, says Steve Howard

Taking responsibility

The first report on the implementation of the Principles for Responsible Investment reveals dramatic progress in some areas – but less in others. Mark Nicholls reports

From the Street to the Hill

What do you do after a stellar Wall Street career, if you're too young just to play golf? For Jon Anda, the answer is to join Environmental Defense and lobby Washington for an emissions market with teeth. He talks to Mark Nicholls

The banks breeze in

The dramatic growth in renewable energy generation is being increasingly financed by the capital markets. Jess McCabe reports on how investors and bankers are coming to love green energy

Paying up to cut emissions

Investment in funds that buy greenhouse gas emission credits is soaring. Christopher Cundy asks managers where the money is coming from – and where it's going

Rocket to the moon?

Carbon capture may be a shining hope for the low-carbon future. But opinion is divided on how best to incentivise ­industry to pilot it, or promote its widespread adoption. Jess McCabe reports

Taking the long view

Pumping carbon dioxide underground for long-term storage raises some unique liability exposures. Matt Elkington considers how they could be managed

Water, water everywhere....

With the UK having just endured the wettest June on record, concerns about the availability of water are not exactly at the forefront of peoples' minds here. But only last summer, the country was facing widespread water restrictions after the two driest winters for 40 years.

Broadening the agenda

Environmental due diligence isn't just about contaminated land and regulatory compliance any more – investors need to consider a much broader agenda of environmental risks, says Simon Pringle

What the US?can learn from the CDM

As US policy-makers, businesses and investors prepare for a federal US carbon market, they would do well to learn some of the lessons from the Clean Development Mechanism, says Patrick Traylor