A?question of credibility

Asincere change of heart, or merely the latest cynical delaying tactic? Environmental NGOs are in little doubt: George Bush's apparent volte face on an international effort to tackle greenhouse gas emissions (see page 4) is, in the words of Friends of the Earth, a "charade". WWF argues that it "casts a long dark shadow over the G8 process".

California green

A new investment approach by two of California's largest ­pension funds could have more environmental impact than if the US were to join the Kyoto Protocol, say Christopher Murphy and Jonathan Naimon

On the front line

Entergy's customer base will be among the first to feel the effects of climate change, so the US utility is moving fast to limit its greenhouse gas emissions. Christopher Cundy reports

Putting principles into practice

Neil Daetwyler explains the evolution of the Equator Principles, and how project finance houses are putting them into practice

Investing responsibly

One year after their launch, the UN Principles for Responsible Investment are now backed by investors managing $8 trillion. Rory Sullivan and Rachel Crossley consider how they are working in practice

Solar flair

Marcel Brenninkmeijer's early backing of tomorrow's solar giants has reaped vast rewards. Christopher Cundy asks him what's over the horizon

Following the money

Sustainability pledges – in both cash and commitments – are proliferating across the banking sector. But what does sustainability mean in practice? Jess McCabe reports

Not waiting for the kick-off

The timing and nature of federal climate legislation may be exercising Capitol Hill but, on Wall Street, the jockeying for position in the US carbon market is well under way. Trevor Curwin reports

What's in your portfolio?

US investors are beginning to wake up to the ­climate risks that may be lurking in their ­portfolios – and are calling on Congress to introduce some certainty on climate into the investment environment, says Mindy Lubber