Raising the roof

For many customers, high up-front costs rule out installing solar PV systems. But, as Jess McCabe reports, innovative financing packages are changing the economics of solar energy

Warm glow for solar stocks?

The solar sector can expect continuing support from policy-makers, but non-financial barriers remain an often-overlooked issue, says Michael McNamara

Following through on climate promises

The TXU deal represents a sea-change in how Wall Street views carbon risk. But transparency, accountability and – ­ultimately – delivery are now crucial, say Jon Sohn and Smita Nakhooda

Restraint creeps in

Venture capitalists remain bullish about the cleantech sector, but notes of caution are increasingly heard. Trevor Curwin reports from San Francisco

Turbine shortage looms large

The rapid growth of the wind energy sector is putting pressure on turbine supply. Candida Jones reports on how developers are tackling the ­problem

The lull before the storm?

As far as natural catastrophes are concerned, the insurance industry – and the planet – got off lightly in 2006.?But the world's largest insurers warn that worse is to come. Jess McCabe reports

Bubble or no bubble?

Comparing the Nasdaq with an index of clean energy stocks might reassure investors fearing a renewable energy bubble. But irrational exuberance might still undo the unwary, says Michael Liebreich

The public face of private equity

For a section of the financial world that prefers – by definition – to operate as far away from the public gaze as possible, the private equity business has recently been attracting some unwelcome attention.

All-out auctions?

New York's bold proposal to auction all allowances under its proposed carbon trading programme raises crucial questions, says Roman Kramarchuk