What's in your portfolio?

US investors are beginning to wake up to the ­climate risks that may be lurking in their ­portfolios – and are calling on Congress to introduce some certainty on climate into the investment environment, says Mindy Lubber

Looking east

Rabo India's Rajesh Srivastava is enthusiastic about the opportunities in renewable energy – and has a sustainable banking message for the region

A focus on focus

European clean technology venture investors would better serve entrepreneurs – and their limited partners – if they ­specialised more, argues Mark Cropper

A breakthrough in Europe's markets?

European utilities are beginning to catch up with their US peers when it comes to managing weather risk, says Jens Boening. And, given this year's mild winter, those who have hedged will have done well

A new chapter in accountancy standards

New accounting rules in North America and Europe will lead to a revolutionary expansion in environmental disclosure. Paul Watchman and Angela Delfino explain

Stretch targets

German Chancellor Angela Merkel is fast cementing her position as Europe's greenest leader. At the EU's Spring Summit last month, she surprised many observers by securing a legally-binding commitment for the bloc to hit a 20% renewable energy target by 2020.

Dipping their toes in

Some see carbon as merely the first of a whole range of ­markets for ecosystem services. But, as Sissel Waage and Emma Stewart found, the corporate world is approaching with caution

Managing the mosaic

US environmental commodity markets are growing, but are fragmented, and likely to remain so in the near term. Success will require coming to terms with their complexity, argue Bob Shults and Reiner Musier

Time for a new energy paradigm

Martijn Wilder and James Cameron argue that, for renewable energy to play its full part in the battle against climate change, new ways of thinking about energy supply are required – supported by new approaches to policy

No time to wait

Attempts to forge a post-2012 climate agreement are grinding on – but rich ­countries must not wait to put the foundations of an agreement in place, argues Brice Lalonde