Why sustainability is going private

The private equity industry is perfectly positioned to profit from the improved ESG performance of the companies in which it invests – and is waking up to the possibilities, says Adam Black

Setting the standard for climate bonds

After more than a year in development, this month sees the launch of a novel initiative to certify the environmental claims of climate bonds. Padraig Oliver and Sean Kidney explain

The critical metals opportunity

The world's waste streams present a potentially lucrative opportunity for critical metal recovery. Nicholas Morley and Tom Whitehouse explain

Introducing the SFO

'Sustainability finance organisations' can help the public sector attract large volumes of private finance into energy efficiency, renewable energy and emission reduction projects. C Baird Brown explains

Looking to the long term

APG's Claudia Kruse talks to EF about the Dutch pensions giant's commitment to sustainability

Clean energy at the crossroads

With federal support for renewables under assault, the industry needs to look to the private sector for its next phase of growth. But is it ready? Gloria Gonzalez reports

Forest Footprint Disclosure

Published in association with the Forest Footprint Disclosure project, this special report examines investment, transparency and corporate efforts to tackle deforestation.

Unpaving the way for green infrastructure

Philadelphia is experimenting with a novel approach to attract private finance to address stormwater run-off – which could form the basis of run-off credit programmes. Alisa Valderrama explains