IMPACT Awards 2020

Asset manager of the year (large): Finance in Motion

Finance in Motion combines a blended finance approach and a diversified investor base with a long-term approach as it invests in emerging markets.

Finance in Motion is active across more than 30 emerging markets and has 16 regional offices.

As of year-end 2019, €4.5 billion ($5.3 billion) of impact investments had been mobilised in funds advised by Finance in Motion. The Green for Growth Fund, Fund and Arbaro Fund focus on green finance, while the European Fund for Southeast Europe and SANAD Fund for MSME focus on micro, small & medium enterprise (MSME) finance.

"True to our company name, we speed the green transformation by deploying responsible capital to where it is needed to combat climate change, save natural resources, and conserve biodiversity," says Sylvia Wisniwski, managing director at Finance in Motion.

This award also acknowledges that Finance in Motion's investor base is diversified, with institutional, public and private investors. The funds advised by the company have raised a total of over €2.4 billion in private capital.

By using a public-private partnership model, donor agencies, international financial institutions, and private investors, and local financial intermediaries are combined for impact.

Delivering impact at scale

Elvira Lefting, managing director of impact asset manager Finance in Motion, explains why there is no substitute for local knowledge and technical expertise when it comes to delivering environmental and social impact at scale

"Finance in Motion is a leader in the field and has scaled significantly over the years. The blended finance model is an important one for creating more impact," commented one of the IMPACT awards judges.

Three of Finance in Motion's five impact funds focus exclusively on conservation of biodiversity and natural resources, reducing and sequestering carbon emissions, and advancing green energy.

"To anchor this impact, we provide technical assistance and capacity building to our partners and the ecosystem," says Wisniwski.

As of year-end 2019, Finance in Motion and its advised funds had worked with approximately 200 investee companies and managed capacity-building initiatives through the funds' Technical Assistance Facilities, reaching approximately 40,000 participants from finance, tech, and agriculture.

Other impact achievements include:

  • Facilitating more than 70,000 new loans to small businesses and households in 2019.
  • Facilitating 57% of loans to small businesses and households in local currency in 2019.
  • Supporting more than one million jobs by year-end 2019.
  • Supporting more than 285,000 hectares under sustainable management by year-end 2019.
  • Saving 920,000 tonnes of carbon dioxide annually.

"We would like to thank our team of 250 staff from over 50 nations across four continents for their diligent commitment to driving the necessary change," adds Wisniwski.