Impact investing platform of the year: Toniic Tracer

Channels: IMPACT

Companies: Toniic Institute

People: Adam Bendell, Melody Jensen

Toniic Tracer aims to enable investors to divert more capital to create positive impact by providing a common structure for reporting investor impact outcomes and intentions.

Developed by impact investor network Toniic Institute, and launched earlier this year, the platform replaces its more manual data collection tool for its T100 Project. The T100 is a longitudinal study of the progress made by the network's impact investors that have committed to deploying 100% of their investment portfolio to deeper positive net impact as they activate entire portfolios for impact.

Toniic Institute's members comprise more than 400 high net worth individuals, family office, and foundation asset owners.

"Toniic Tracer represents a leap forward in financial and impact reporting," says Adam Bendell, CEO of Toniic. "It leverages leading standards and technology, along with T100 data, to provide insights to issuers and investors, publicize example investments in every asset class, and power academic research."

Insights of this research are shared in publicly accessible reports, investor case studies, and a public database of over 1,600 impactful investments, known as T100 data. The ultimate goal is to build the field of impact investing and inspire other investors to deploy more capital for impact. More than half of Toniic members are also members of the Toniic T100 Project.

"Our users are excited about the collaborative and integrated design of Tracer. It facilitates conversations between investors, their wealth managers, and investees. It makes it easy to align because it leverages existing frameworks in an accessible format, so everyone is on the same page," adds Melody Jensen, T100 Project manager at Toniic.