IMPACT Awards 2021

NGO/charity/non-profit of the year: Planet Tracker

Planet Tracker aims to expose the financial and environmental risks created in diverse supply chains across the world by highlighting unsustainable industrial practices and identifying the companies causing damage and the investors enabling these practices to continue in its reports.Robin Millington

Covering a wide range of commodities from seafood to plastics, textiles to agriculture Planet Tracker's reports show the immense natural capital degradation, especially deforestation, soft commodity supply chains are causing. However, the NGO is not merely pointing out where damage is cause, but also aims to point out where a revaluation of business models and investment can yield material impact.

Building on its award winning, Sovereign Transition to Sustainability, report from last year's Environmental Finance Impact Awards, Planet Tracker has this year released a report, 'Brazil: Roadmap to Sustainable Sovereign Bonds', which lays out four steps that country could take to change direction on its current deforestation.

Elsewhere, Planet Tracker has continued its two-year focus on the Japanese seafood industry with its 'Against the Tide' report, which has drawn attention of regulators and civil society, as well as investors in that industry to how its growth strategies ignore the sustainability of the fish resource.

"Planet Tracker continues to drive real change across key sectors – currently we cover oceans, textiles, plastics and land use – by investigating how capital markets align with planetary boundaries and reshaping how they interact with each other," said Robin Millington CEO of Planet Tracker. "By raising awareness of the environmental and financial risks and leveraging the influence of investors to improve global supply chains, Planet Tracker is helping to ensure the future stability through sustainability of essential industries and the planet."

One Impact Awards judge commented that Planet Tracker "has done well in its mission".