IMPACT Awards 2022

Impact project/investment of the year - real estate; Impact project/investment of the year - water: Vinte

Described by judges as "a worthy top choice" for the 'Impact project/investment of the year - real estate' category, the panel praised the way that Mexican real estate company Vinte differentiates itself through its strong track record, the success of its sustainability bonds, the importance of impact investing in Latin America, as well as Vinte's "deep engagement with development finance".

This award recognises Vinte's impact in helping customers to gain access to housing finance, and the way the company is involved in all phases of the development process: from acquiring and developing land, to the design, building, marketing, and selling of homes.

Vinte focuses on sustainable working practices and creates safe urban designs that it says support "wellness, physical activity, and social connection".

The homebuilder has completed over 50,000 new homes over the last 19 years in Mexico.

In 2022, Vinte launched the digital platform, for the selling of used Vinte homes and, made investments in 'Proptech' platforms focused on real estate rentals (Homie), rent-to-buy (Casa Bravo), and digital mortgage granting (Yave).

Vinte also won the award for 'Impact project/investment of the year – water'. This award recognises Vinte's commitment to building communities that prioritise sustainability and, specifically, the company's approach to water recycling.

Although urban Mexico is frequently water-stressed, many areas also experience issues with flooding.

In response, Vinte's pluvial recollection systems capture the rainwater that runs along roads and stores it in special collectors.

These systems preserve water and allow rainwater to return to subsoil levels, which helps reduce the run-off that causes urban flooding – along with the associated damage to property and danger to life – as well as preventing sinkholes from forming.

Vinte has so far developed 92 kilometres of roads, nine water treatment plants and 323 rainwater collection systems -- all of which have been donated to local governments.

Taken together, the company's efforts save on average over 400,000 cubic meters of water per year, according to Vinte.

Vinte also helps customers find appropriate funding for affordable housing, assisting communities to secure housing in areas where clean water and paved roads have not always been available.

In 2018, Vinte became the first homebuilder in Latin America to issue green and social bonds. In 2020 it issued a bond linked to the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).