Sustainable Company Awards 2022

Circular economy transition of the year: Sustainable Resources Group

Pennsylvania-based Sustainable Resources Group's products and services are designed to reduce the amount of waste being produced at the source and 'upcycle' material into products or raw materials for other companies.

In this way, it contributes to a circular economy, it says.

The company provides consulting and waste management solutions for Fortune 500 food and beverage producers, industrial manufacturing companies, water and waste utilities, and municipalities.

An example of waste it turns into saleable products is spent coffee grounds, which the company says it turns into fire logs, fuel pellets, fertiliser, potting soil or compost.

Since 2013, the company claims to have 'managed' more than 138 million pounds of coffee grounds in this way. It says these would otherwise have contributed to landfill methane, a greenhouse gas.

Sustainable Resources Group says its JavaEarth soil product has water retention properties equivalent to peat moss, a depleting natural resource. Meanwhile, using its JavaFlame and JavaBrewBQ products "reduces deforestation while having 35% more heating value than the same amount of wood and leaving 80% less ash than wood standards," the company claims.