Sustainable Company Awards 2023

Product innovation of the year, APAC: Metro Pacific Health Tech's app mWell

Metro Pacific Health Tech's app mWell was praised by one Sustainable Company Awards judge for offering "an innovative solution providing medical services to an underserved population".

The digital health and wellness app was launched by the digital healthcare arm of Philippine-based investment firm Metro Pacific Investments (MPIC) to make healthcare accessible and affordable for Filipinos, including migrant workers abroad.

MPIC says the app offers access to family doctors, specialists, mental health support, and emergency services, at a cost of $3.50 per consult.

According to MPIC, the app now has over 1,300 partner doctors and is used by more than two million Filipinos. 68% of the app's users are situated in remote areas.

The firm says the app can support local government universal health care efforts to accessible and efficient health care.

In 2022, mWell deployed mWell OnTheGo, a portable mobile digital clinic for remote areas and indigenous communities. The clinics utilise solar panels, a power station, pocket wifi, and a tablet/mobile phone preloaded with the app.

In the same year, the company also made the app available globally to millions of Filipino migrant workers. Through a partnership with the Department of Migrant Workers, mWell enables Filipinos working abroad to consult with family doctors, specialists, and mental health experts.

Chaye Cabal-RevillaIn launching mWell, MPIC says it has underscored its commitment to the UN Sustainable Development Goals (UN SDGs), including social goals around health and underserved communities. By encouraging consultations online, MPIC says the app addresses UN SDG 13 to reduce greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions.

Chaye Cabal-Revilla, CEO and president at mWell and MPIC chief finance, risk and sustainability officer commented: "We are deeply grateful for this recognition which brings our purpose to the global stage. Sustainability and the passion for inspiring positive change have always been the foundation of our work, allowing us to do good while doing well.

"As the Philippines' healthcare mega app, mWell's innovative digital solutions enable us to respond to our countrymen's needs, ensuring good health for economic productivity and nation-building through a fully integrated, sustainable, and future-proof digital platform. This award inspires us to continue making health and wellness affordable, available, and accessible to every Filipino anytime, anywhere."