Sustainable Company Awards 2023

Sustainability thought leader of the year, Americas: Bernardo Strassburg,

Judges at Environmental Finance's Sustainable Company Awards this year praised's founder and chief scientist Bernardo Strassburg for his "excellence and meaningful impact" as a result of "hard work and dedication".

They also commented on his, "long-standing contribution to the importance of the natural environment" and for being "instrumental in finding new technologies for forest restoration".

Bernardo is an ecological restoration firm that aims to support the recovery of tropical forests on a large scale.

Strassburg's role as chief scientist involves research and overseeing field project implementations. The firm uses remote sensing, enhanced planting techniques, and the application of mathematical models for assessing land allocation. He says this allows to perform reforestation at an "unprecedented scale and contribute to the regrowth of vital ecosystems".

Strassburg says he is committed to advancing the understanding and promotion of tropical biome restoration, biodiversity, and their influence on local and global communities.

"This has culminated in the development of technologies that leverage systemic ecological science, advanced mapping technologies, and meaningful partnerships with local communities and have revolutionised large-scale forest restoration," he says.

He also advised the Kunming-Montreal biodiversity accord at the UN Convention on Biological Diversity's COP 15, playing a role in shaping the Global Biodiversity Framework agreement which aspires to protect 30% of the world's ecosystems, both on land and sea, by 2030.

Strassburg is a scientific participant in the United Nations Decade on Ecosystem Restoration and was one of the architects of Brazil's national restoration plan.

Strassburg commented: "Ecological restoration goes beyond healing the land; it's a solemn commitment to mend our relationship with nature, ensuring a resilient future for biodiversity, people, and the planet."