Best Infrastructure Fund - Triodos Renewables Europe Fund

Channels: ESG

Companies: Triodos

People: Vincent van Haarlem

The Triodos Renewables Europe Fund, awarded the title of Best Infrastructure Fund, aims to achieve "a radical transformation of [the] existing energy system by replacing fossil-based energy generation with renewable energy and a huge improvement in energy efficiency."

Launched in 2006, the fund's main investment focus is on wind farms and solar plants in Europe.

In pursuit of broadening its impact, the fund is expanding its scope to energy efficiency, flexibility and re-powering projects. In 2018 the fund successfully closed its first deal in the field of energy efficiency.

Vincent van Haarlem“Energy efficiency and flexibility projects have become a stronger investment focus for Triodos Renewables Europe Fund. We also target new projects rather than existing ones to accelerate the speed at which the transition can occur,” says Vincent van Haarlem, Fund Manager Triodos Renewables Europe Fund.

Its net assets were €100 million, as of 30 June, with investments in 22 wind, solar and energy efficiency projects in seven European countries. Its three main impact goals are to improve energy efficiency; increase the capacity of renewable energy generation; and improve flexibility and reliability.

Judges praised this "impressive three-goal approach," adding that it was an "intuitive and technically robust view."

The fund's key impact metrics are: carbon dioxide emissions avoided, number of households provided with clean electricity, energy capacity installed, and energy generated.