Sustainable Investment Awards 2021

Environmental fund of the year, listed equity: The Osmosis Resource Efficient Core Equity Fund

The Osmosis Resource Efficient Core Equity Fund has achieved comparative reduction in the ownership of carbon by 56%, water by 64% and waste by 62%, relative to its benchmark, MSCI World.

Ben DearOffering clients a reduction in the environmental impact of their passive exposure, the Osmosis programme targets its active risk towards resource efficiency, having identified it as a return signal independent from traditional country, sector, size and style factors. Osmosis then tilts the fund's portfolios towards these stocks, compared with the benchmark, as it believes they outperform their peers.

"As environmental risks rise up both the political, regulatory and investor agenda and with an ever-increasing amount of funds offering a broad range of investable solutions, we were especially delighted to win this year's award," said Ben Dear, CEO of Osmosis. "Gaining industry recognition further underscores our investment philosophy that targeting better risk-adjusted returns and delivering significant environmental impacts do not need to be mutually exclusive endeavours."

"I like the combination of quantitative and qualitative approaches while maintaining a clear focus on the benchmark. Nice fee as well and the results are surprisingly good so far," commented one Environmental Finance Sustainable Investment Awards judge.

"Very clear value proposition to institutional investors assessed on benchmark performance with a succinct emphasis on resource efficiency," added another.