Sustainable Investment Awards 2021

Thought leadership paper on sustainable investing: Planet Tracker

Planet Tracker's research recommends the use of blue and green bonds to compensate fish-stock recovery and funds required by the aquaculture industry.

In 2021, Planet Tracker's briefing paper "Can blue bonds finance a fish stock recovery?" highlighted ocean over-fishing and aquaculture's dependency on unsustainable soy- and fish-based feed. The paper recommended the use of blue and green bonds to compensate fish-stock recovery.

In its report, Planet Tracker constructed a model to explore the feasibility of a global recovery of fish stocks, analysing all commercial wild-catch fishing companies worldwide. It found that blue bonds could compensate the fishing industry for its temporary loss of cashflow and provide a return for investors when fish stocks recover. With demand projected to rise, seafood production must increase by 118% to meet healthy dietary requirements by 2050.

The paper attracted significant media attention from the environmental and financial media – such as Environmental Finance, International Financing Review and The Economist. The report has since been included in a resources list produced by the United Nations Environment Programme Finance Initiative.

In a second report, launched 17 November 2020, Planet Tracker argued that funding requirements in the aquaculture industry could be met through the use of green bonds. The report, called "Bonds for Ponds: green bonds can assist aquafeeds transition", highlighted how the growing aquafeed industry has caused an unsustainable extraction of resources – contributing to both fishery collapse and deforestation.