Sustainable Investment Awards 2023

Best sustainability reporting by an asset or fund manager, medium and small: WHEB

WHEB Asset Management says its sustainability reporting strategy is underpinned by the concept of "radical transparency in a famously opaque industry".

It says transparency and promoting accountability help it minimise risks of misunderstanding in an area that suffers from great complexity, and to build strong relationships with clients and other stakeholders.

WHEB says it believes it was the first asset manager in the UK to produce a stand-alone impact report across its whole business, and in 2017 became the first UK asset manager to create an 'impact calculator' to show its investors the positive impact associated with their specific level of investment in the fund.

The London-based asset manager in 2021 produced a white paper describing how it believes it can achieve a positive sustainability impact through its investments in listed equities – an asset class that has been at the heart of a debate around investor contribution to impact.

WHEB says the paper provided a foundation for investor claims for positive impact in this asset class.

Other ways it pursues "radical transparency" include the publication every quarter of an investment report, along with a full list of portfolio holdings, its full voting records, a quarterly investor presentation, and a webinar.

It also publishes the minutes of meetings of its independent investment advisory committee, which meets every four months to assess WHEB's investment activities, including stewardship.

Each year it hosts an investor conference which provides its investors the chance to ask questions of the WHEB team and hear from portfolio companies.

All of the above information is made easily accessible online to all of its investors, both large and small, retail and institutional, it says.

George Latham, managing partner at WHEB, said: Radical transparency is at the core of how we operate as we believe investors should feel excited by the portfolio companies we hold and the sustainable solutions they are part of. In an increasingly complex market we will continue to offer clear, comprehensive and accurate reporting to our full range of clients, from individual to institutional investors, to ensure they know exactly where their money is invested, and why."