Sustainable Investment Awards 2023

ESG data provider of the year, Americas: Moody's Analytics

Financial institutions are facing increasingly complex and interconnected risks, including geopolitical and regulatory uncertainty, as well as pressure to integrate ESG considerations into their decision-making from a range of stakeholders.

In response, Moody's Analytics says it has moved towards providing a more holistic view of a customer's risk profile and specific needs rather than a product-by-product service delivery.

This approach impressed the Environmental Finance Sustainable Investment Awards judges, which Moody's says has allowed it to deliver more bespoke services

Angela BrownMoody's has undertaken several data enhancements in its ESG data offering recently. For example, Moody's ESG Assessments measure a company's exposure to, and management of material ESG risks and opportunities.

Based on up to 273 underlying ESG indicators in each company, ESG Assessments apply double materiality and aim to capture a company's impact on the environment as well as shareholders and other stakeholders.

Coverage expanded in the Sustainable Investment Awards review period to 10,000 companies worldwide.

In addition, Moody's Analytics' predictive analytics tool, the ESG Score Predictor, now includes 'pre-scored' coverage - whereby Moody's has already scored companies with predicted metrics - of 290 million entities, an increase from 140 million during the previous review period.

Angela Brown, managing director for ESG Capabilities at Moody's Analytics commented: "We are committed to enabling access to trusted ESG data that helps investors more effectively identify, measure and manage ESG risks and opportunities to inform investment decisions, comply with regulatory reporting requirements, and better understand an entity's sustainable financing plans."