Environmental Finance Data's 2022 Q1 round up

On demand

Join us for Environmental Finance Bond Database webinar: Sustainable Debt Roundup: Q1 2022 with sustainability-linked KPI analysis

Ashton Rowntree, Data Analyst, Environmental Finance Bond Data, will be in conversation with Ben Smith, Data Strategist, Environmental Finance, presenting a summary of the labelled bond market for quarter one of 2022 and offering insights into sustainability-linked KPI trends.

To watch the webinar on demand, please click here.

To download the webinar slides, please click here.

Some of the key areas of discussion include:

A comprehensive roundup of Q1 GSSS bond issuance by volume, bond label, issuer type, geography, and sector

Analysis of the Q1 GSSS bond market development on a year-on-year and quarter-on-quarter

Expert insights on the most noteworthy Q1 issuances and market trends

Deep dive into sustainability-linked bond and loan KPIs