ESG in Fixed Income Americas 2023

27 September 2023, 9:00 AM BST


08:50 ET

Welcoming remarks

09:00 ET

Keynote address

09:15 ET

Panel: The future of ESG regulation and US policy developments

  • An update on the work of the SEC and what it means for issuers and investors
  • Inflation Reduction Act (IRA) one year onhow is the acceleration to green feeding through to ESG in fixed income and sustainable finance more broadly? Can it go further?


Anne van Riel, Head of Sustainable Finance Capital Markets Americas, BNP Paribas

10:00 ET

Panel: Tackling greenwashing and ensuring credibility in GSSS transactions

  • What do issuers need to keep in mind given the enhanced focus and reputational risks associated with greenwashing?
  • What solutions are there for enhanced analysis, transparency and reporting?
  • What challenges and critiques do issuers need to be aware of when choosing between issuing sustainability-linked transactions or use-of-proceeds structures?
  • How do you identify what is material in a sustainability-linked transaction?
  • How has the role of the SPO provider evolved in the context of greenwashing concerns, both from regulatory and market sophistication perspectives?

Ana Carolina Oliveira, Head of Sustainable Finance Americas, Managing Director, ING

Senior representative, ISS Corporate Solutions


10:45 ET

Morning networking break

11:15 ET

Panel: Taking the fear out of the T-word

  • Will we see the return of the transition bond this year?
  • Are investors still cautious of the structure?
  • How can SPOs provide challenging feedback and drive change at companies looking to transition?
  • What is needed for hard to abate sectors to take advantage of labelled financing
  • What can other jurisdictions learn from the UK, Canadian and Japanese transition taxonomies and frameworks? 
  • What has been the issuer and investor reaction to these taxonomies?
  • Where are we with transition ratings?
  • Why have some SLB issuers switched back to transition bonds? Is this a sign of problems with the SLB structure?

Anjuli Pandit, Head of Sustainable Bonds, Europe, the Middle East and Africa, HSBC

Senior representative, Moody's 

12:00 ET

Issuer case study

12:20 ET

Panel: Taxonomies and trends in Latin America

  • How is ESG regulation impacting GSSS issuances across the region?
  • How are taxonomies evolving and what does this mean for future issuance trends?
  • Can we expect more sovereign issues across the region?
  • How are development banks and supranationals supporting the development of GSSS bond markets and ESG regulation?
  • What are the opportunities for ESG investors across Latin America? What do they need to know?

Tamara Tisminetzky, Director of ESG Research, Sustainable Fitch

13:05 ET


14:00 ET

ESG in Fixed Income Stream

GSSS Bonds Stream

ESG approaches to structured securities

Panel: North American municipal GSSS issuances

  • Collating ESG data across securitisation markets – what interesting metrics can be identified?
  • How is data, transparency and privacy navigated in structure securities?
  • A review of the potential for ESG in MBS and ABS
  • Solar: are IRA provisions to making solar more affordable?
  • When will electric vehicles become a major component of this market?
  • Social, green or sustainability issuances – what is the potential for across North America?
  • What do investors look for in muni issuances?
  • Why aren't there more social muni issuances?
  • What are some of the recent innovations in the municipal sustainable debt market?


14:45 ET

ESG in Fixed Income Stream

GSS Bonds Stream

Panel: Investor perspectives

Panel: Social bonds and affordable housing

  • What do investors want to see from ESG in fixed income issuers?
  • What can issuers do to meet those demands?
  • How do feel investors feel about the "greenium" now that it is a fairly well-established issuer benefit
  • How investors understand and identify impact metrics in green bond funds?
  • Investor insights on emerging disclosure regulations and standards
  • How is the topic of social evolving in the real estate space?
  • What would social securitisation look like?
  • What are the global lessons that can be applied to fund the housing crisis?
  • How to structure KPIs and use of proceeds in social issuances
  • Where does PACE and public-private partnerships fit into this?


15:30 ET

Afternoon networking break

16:00 ET

Panel: The intersection of fixed income, carbon markets and biodiversity

  • Blue finance, nature-based solutions, biodiversity and carbon credit offtake agreements: how will these be integrated into fixed income structures?
  • The growing interest in carbon markets and what this means for future issuance of fixed income structures
  • How is a desire for impact driving these trends?

Amy West, Global Head of ESG Solutions, TD Securities

Stephen Liberatore, Head of ESG/Impact, Global Fixed Income, Nuveen

16:45 ET

Panel: Future trends and innovative structures

  • What do the innovative issuances of the last 12 months tell us about potential GSSS bond types and sectors that could grow in popularity?
  • Across which sectors and bond types are we seeing innovation and what has been the investor reaction?
  • Which regions might be posed to show future potential for innovation and how do these innovations meet local needs?
  • How is this being driven by regulatory developments?

Robert White, Managing Director, Head of Green & Sustainable Hub, Americas, Natixis


17:30 ET

Close of conference and networking drinks reception