9:00am HKT

Chair’s Opening Remarks

9:10am HKT

Opening Keynote Address

9:30am HKT

Innovation in the Asian market

  • Harnessing innovation in the market to expand the investor base
  • What is the role of the regulators?
  • Strengthening regional and international collaboration

10:20am HKT

Presentation: Sovereign bond issuance in Asia

  • Transition challenges and Singapore's first sovereign bond issuance
  • Do the SDGs affect sovereign bond spreads?

11:00am HKT

Networking break

11:30am HKT

Panel: Are sustainability-linked loans raising or lowering the bar for ESG issuance?

  • What are the advantages and constraints of Sustainability Linked Loans?
  • What are investors looking for in transparency: what are the challenges and how are targets set?
  • What does best practice look like?

12:15pm HK

Panel: Corporates’ transition on the journey to net zero

  • How do Asian issuers demonstrate their ESG strategy?
  • Considering company assets at risk and mitigation strategies over the long term
    • New technologies? New business models?
  • Are the bond markets a way for corporates to action and finance their transition strategies?
  • Preparing for climate disclosure in Asia
    • What resources (e.g., people, processes, technologies) would the company need to meet the proposed reporting deadlines?
    • How does the company evaluate the materiality of climate-related disclosures across regions?

1:00pm HKT


2:00pm HKT

Panel: Standardisation in Impact reporting

  • What is the objective of impact reporting and how are metrics decided?
  • Are investor expectations of issuers' impact reports shifting?
  • What are the main challenges to impact reporting?

2:45pm HKT

Panel: ESG data

  • How good is ESG data for the Asian fixed income market?
  • What are investors doing to generate their own data?
  • Improving data for sovereigns

3:20pm HKT

Networking Break

3:50pm HKT

Panel: Bondholder engagement

  • Setting clear paths to escalate engagement and measuring ESG outcomes
  • How do GSS principles enable investors to engage with issuers?
  • How can bond investors and use of proceeds stimulate discussions around the Paris agreement and the SDGs?
  • What is holding bondholders back from being more proactive in this regard?
  • How can issuers facilitate engagement?
  • Does it drive motivation to issue?

4:30pm HKT

Panel: The continued rise of sustainable finance in Asia

  • What factors will drive the increase of sustainable bond issuance for the future?
  • How important are transition bonds in the future of sustainable finance in Asia?
  • Is the "S" in ESG ready for a breakout year in 2023 for Sustainability-Linked Loans?
  • Is the range of social factors within ESG expanding and how will this effect sustainability strategies for issuers and investors in Asia?
  • How will this effect reporting, regulation, rating, and risk?
  • How are investors and other market participants assessing ESG and sustainability risks and opportunities?
  • Greenwashing – what do investors want to see?

5:15pm HKT

Closing remarks and close of conference

5:30pm HKT

Drinks reception