ESG in Fixed Income Global 2022 (Virtual)

24 February 2022, 1:00 pm GMT

Hosted online, join the original hub for GSSS bond issuers and investors

Environmental Finance is delighted to announce that its ESG in Fixed Income Global virtual conference will take place online on 24 February 2022.

The green debt market continues to develop and we are proud to evolve too, shaping the conversations to drive the market forward.

The one-day event will capture the crucial topics relevant to the green, social, sustainability and sustainability-linked (GSSS) bond markets. We will give companies the platform and opportunity to discuss how these trends are evolving in each area and learn about what this means for future issuance of and investment in these products.

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Some of the key areas of discussion include:

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Central banks and green bond engagement strategies

The Path Forward in Sustainable Investing

Reaching the 1.5° Transition financing strategies

Investing in emerging markets

ABS: Diversifying for transition

Impact reporting and improving the credibility of the green bond

Why attend?

Discuss and Network

Discuss and network

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Meet with industry leaders through live Q&A, 1-2-1 messages

Gain high-value content

Gain high-value content

Hear from 30+ expert speakers

Share insights

Share insights

Generate new business leads and share your latest insights

Enjoy the on-demand experience

Enjoy the on-demand experience

If you miss a session or want to refresh your memory on what was said, you can watch all the recordings on demand

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Be more sustainable

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Highlights & Quotes

  • "We need to just leave the green bond market alone the way it is. That market works: it has got a good framework, and we have seen all the issuances that are coming our way from it"

    Andy Kochar, Global Credit Head and Portfolio Manager, AGF Investments

  • "The government is talking about bringing back something along the lines of the Build America Bond (BAB) initiative – I think that would be very exciting"

    Michael Brown, Environmental Finance Manager at ‎San Francisco Public Utilities Commission

  • "I would rather see carbon intensive issuers use a green bond than a sustainability-linked bond actually. At least then there is transparency about how they will use the proceeds to finance their transition to a sustainable company"

    Sanna Petersson, Head of Responsible Investment, Captor Fund Management

  • "Theoretically, we do not believe there should be a premium, because our main risk is linked to the creditworthiness of the issuer – whatever the type of bond they issue, it should be similar”

    Isabelle Vic-Philippe, Head of Euro Aggregate, Amundi

  • "Transparency is more natural for us at the IFC because if you are a financial institution then you should know who you are lending to and the purpose of that loan. So, for us we think the reach numbers are important and are as equally accessible to everyone"

    Esohe Denise Odaro, Head of Investor Relations at International Finance Corporation (IFC)

  • "The SLB market is still very early in its development. I think that SLBs can develop into a credible instrument, but they have yet to be tested."

    Bram Bos, Lead Portfolio Manager for Green Bonds, NN Investment Partners