13:00 GMT/ 8:00 ET

Chair’s opening remarks


KEYNOTE ADDRESS: Central banks and green bond engagement strategies


Jean Boissinot, Head of Secretariat, NGFS, Deputy Director, Financial Stability, Banque de France


PRESENTATION: Analysis of Green Bonds for 2022

Developing Finance Strategies


PANEL: Reaching the 1.5: Adaptation and Transition Financing Strategies

  • How is transition financing defined?
  • How are investors and fund managers approaching transition financing?
  • What is the framework and method to build those portfolios?
  • Temperature alignment: how is this developing?
  • What are the approaches to assessing and measuring transition?
  • Taking a broader approach: how can investors support de-carbonisation across the larger economy and drive change in polluting sectors?

Daniel Kricheff, Partner, AIM
Gail Muirhead, ESG Analyst, Franklin Templeton


PANEL: Investing in emerging markets

  • Is the appetite for emerging markets increasing?
  • What are the hurdles holding emerging market green bonds back?
  • What are the implications for issuers and investors on the increasing interconnection between social and green bond?



PANEL: Green ABS: Diversifying for transition

  • Structured securities and their place in the market.
  • How is it evaluated?
  • How does it fit into an ESG or impact portfolio?

Emanuele Fanelli, Head of ESG, Fixed Income & Partnerships, Aegon AM
Stephen Liberatore, Head of ESG/ Impact, Global Fixed Income, Nuveen

Developing Policy, Regulation and Standards


Panel: Impact reporting and improving the credibility of the green bond

  • What is the objective of impact reporting and how are metrics decided?
  • Are investor expectations of issuers' impact reports shifting?
  • What role do regulatory and standards frameworks play and how constructive are they in developing reporting?
  • What are the main challenges to impact reporting?


PRESENTATION: Green bonds indices


Panel: How is the current regulatory landscape set to change


Close of conference