Panel: Mainstreaming ESG into fixed income

A panel exploring different approaches and methods for integrating ESG into fixed income and making an impact through fixed income investing. Panelists will discuss:

  • Defining ESG in the context of fixed income -- do investors and issuers agree on what constitutes good ESG credentials? Are there geographic discrepancies?
  • To what extent is ESG priced into fixed income investments? Examples of how investors price in ESG risks in fixed income
  • Green bonds vs ESG integration -- which approach works best?
  • Assessing an issuer ESG profile in green and non-green bond issues.
  • What's the role of green bonds in aligning fixed income portfolios with climate and sustainability goals? Will the green and sustainability bond market make up a bigger part of the overall bond market in the next few years and will the issuer and investor universes grow?


Interview/Mini-panel: The role of central banks in promoting sustainable finance

Hear from 2-3 central bank representatives on their efforts on climate change and sustainability. Why are they increasingly paying attention to climate change and what are they doing to push investors to take action? What role do they think the fixed income space plays in the shift towards a low-carbon and sustainable economy?


Networking break


DEBATE: Are the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) a useful tool for bond issuers and investors? Can the goals drive sustainable investment at scale?


Keynote: What does the EU sustainable finance action plan mean for fixed income?

  • Opportunities and challenges around the EU green taxonomy plans
  • Expectations around EU green bond standards succeed


Presentation/Interview: TCFD and fixed income

  • Identifying and managing climate-related risks in fixed income portfolios
  • Can green bonds help to advance TCFD reporting?


Interactive poll and transition to break-out sessions


 Green, social and sustainability bonds Fixed Income & ESG


Mini case studies: What makes a good green or sustainability bond?

Hear from three issuers of green, social and sustainability bonds on key components of their journey to issuing a themed bond, followed by a Q&A

  • Asset selection
  • Creating a framework
  • Reporting


Mini case-studies: Going beyond the 'G'

Hear from three different types of investors on how they integrate environmental and social considerations into their fixed income portfolio, followed by a Q&A

  • Analysing corporate issuer environmental and social risk
  • Asset owner 'E' and 'S' considerations in fixed income asset manager selection


Fireside chat: Are green bonds changing issuer behaviour?


Fireside chat: Managing ESG risks in sovereign bonds





Interactive lunch session: How to drive progress in impact reporting

 Green, social and sustainability bonds Fixed Income & ESG


Panel: Expanding the thematic bond universe

  • Growth expectation for social and sustainability bonds
  • The future of blue bonds


Panel: The future of bondholder engagement

  • Triggers for engagement
  • Investor examples: how did they do it, how long did it take? What were the end results and what could have been done differently?
  • Engagement trends and challenges


Presentation: Pricing trends and expectations


Presentation: ESG in private debt


Panel: The green building opportunity

  • Opportunities and challenges for green covered bonds
  • Covered bond growth -- is the trend here to stay or a result of market volatility?
  • Initiatives to boost green buildings and mortgages in Europe


Panel: TBC






Presentation: Impact reporting roundtable outcomes


Case study: The outlook for the world’s biggest green bond fund


Panel: Beyond bonds - the rise of green loans and responsible banking principles


End of conference