Environmental Finance is delighted to announce that its eight annual Green Bonds Europe conference will take place on 18 June in London.

As the green market has developed, we've been there every step of the way, reporting and shaping the conversations to drive the market forward:  

  • We covered the first labelled green bond in 2007
  • We hosted our first green bond conference in London in 2011
  • We hosted our first green bond conference in New York in 2012
  • The seeds for the Green Bond Principles were sown at our 2013 London event
  • And this year we are planning more action

As the market is evolving, so too are we. Our annual Green Bonds Europe conference will now include a stream that will run alongside the main event focussing on ESG integration in fixed income. Themes will include ESG risk management and pricing in fixed income, bondholder ESG engagement and evolving investment products such as sustainability and social bonds. 

We also plan to shape the conversation around the big issues and the strategies that can be deployed to grow the green bond market exponentially over the next decade. These include:

  • How will the green bond market evolve over the next decade?
  • Can green bonds be used by investors to reduce climate risk?
  • Can green bonds be additional?
  • Where are the green bond market's red lines?
  • How will the HLEG report impact the market?

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