Natural Capital Investment 2023

Exploring the integral role that Natural Capital investment can play in building climate resilience

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Environmental Finance is pleased to announce that our annual Natural Capital Investment conference will take place on 23 March 2023.

The subject of natural capital investment is increasingly on the agenda for investors and central banks, whose interest in the theme could be as transformative as it has been for climate.

Despite the growing interest plus an increasing number of funds being created, natural capital investment opportunities remain limited and biodiversity needs to be built into consideration of all companies and their investors.

Attend this conference to discuss the challenges and opportunities for financial institutions, investors, and service providers in this evolving space.

Some of the key areas of discussion include:

Achieving net zero: re-imagining our relationship with nature

How are investors approaching natural capital?

What are the business needs related to natural capital data?

How can central banks confront biodiversity risk?

What is the direction of regulation and policy in natural capital?

Scaling natural capital investment to build the market

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40+ Speakers

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10+ Sessions

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  • "A useful event that helps investors, asset managers and service providers to get a better understanding of these asset classes."

    SLM Partners

  • "A great mixed audience of investors, academics, and others. A valuable event for networking too."

    Blue Maia

  • "A valuable conference that brings together people from private investment, equity, and fixed income. It’s the perfect place to share ideas for investments and financial instruments that help to develop natural capital projects."

    Climate Policy Initiative

  • “This event is very important to the green finance community.”

    Scottish Wildlife Trust