Creating Green Bond Markets

IFC Green, Social and Sustainability Bonds Training

IFC Green, Social and Sustainability Bonds Training

This highly practical training is designed specifically for emerging market banks interested in issuing GSS bonds.

The training seeks to strengthen the bank staff's foundational skills in green and sustainable finance.

Topics covered also include the investor perspective, practicalities of GSS bond issuance, reporting to investors, and the use of second opinions, among others.

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Executive Training Program

Training Program to enhance both the volume and the quality of green bonds

IFC recognized that a significant impediment to increasing the supply of green bonds in emerging markets is a knowledge gap among issuers about specific requirements on green bond issuance. To address this knowledge gap, the GB-TAP developed Training Programs, together with the International Capital Markets Association (ICMA) and the Stockholm School of Economics (SSE). These programs are offered in two formats to selected banks in emerging markets.

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Reports by Other Organizations

The Race for Green Capital in Emerging Markets

The interview-based report "Marathon or Sprint? The Race for Green Capital in Emerging Markets" authored by the Centre for Climate Finance & Investment at Imperial College Business School finds that while Emerging Markets (EM) are highly vulnerable to climate change, they are not attracting and deploying sufficient capital to fund climate transition, mitigation, and adaptation measures...