Amundi Planet Emerging Green One - 2022 Annual Impact Report

In 2017, IFC developed the concept of the Green Cornerstone Bond Program (GCBP), a fixed income fund dedicated to investing in green bonds in emerging markets (EMs). The concept came from mounting evidence about the impact of climate change and the lack of any scalable investment solutions, especially in relation to developing economies. Following a competitive international tender offer, Amundi was selected by IFC as its partner for implementing an innovative solution, consisting of a fund-the Amundi Planet Emerging Green One (AP EGO or "the Fund-with additional support from IFC's Green Bond Technical Assistance Program (GB-TAP or "the Program"). The partnership provides an innovative platform that combines extensive expertise in asset management (Amundi) with private sector development in EMs (IFC) to help developing economies achieve long-term sustainable growth.

Based on the belief that institutional investors have both the capacity and appetite to deploy significant amounts of capital in EMs, the Amundi-IFC partnership aims to offer them an opportunity to invest substantial amounts. Amundi believes investors are attracted to EM yields and want to make a positive impact on the transition to cleaner sources of energy in countries with the largest financing needs.

This report is produced by Amundi Asset Management (Amundi), portfolio manager of Amundi Planet Emerging Green One.

All figures reflecting extra-financial characteristics of the portfolio rely on the holdings as of Dec. 31, 2022. Reference to portfolio holdings should not be considered a recommendation to buy or sell any security, and securities are subject to risk.

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