The Biodiversity Finance Reference Guide isĀ aimed at financial institutions and investors, providing an indicative list of investment projects, activities, and components that help protect, maintain, or enhance biodiversity and ecosystem services, as well as promoting the sustainable management of natural resources. It offers IFC's perspective on potential investment opportunities and how targeted financing can help enable a transition to nature-smart business models and practices that combine conservation needs with sustainable development.

This document is primarily intended to provide a structured approach for investors and financiers to identify eligible use of proceeds that constitute biodiversity finance. Companies can use it to identify opportunities to address the key drivers of biodiversity loss in their production practices, to integrate nature-based solutions into their operations, or to develop nature conservation activities. The guide can also be used by policymakers to design biodiversity finance taxonomies.

This guide is not a substitute for sustainability policies or environmental and social safeguards. It provides an overview of key criteria for selecting eligible projects that can qualify for biodiversity finance and outlines the key steps borrowers and issuers need to follow to develop biodiversity finance frameworks in line with the Green Bond Principles and Green Loan Principles.