Emerging Markets Real Economy Sustainability Bonds Volume II - supported by IFC and HSBC

Country focus: Poland, Romania, Türkiye, Kazakhstan, Pakistan, Uzbekistan
Sector analysis: Power, Transport, Agribusiness

Environmental Finance, supported by IFC and HSBC Asset Management, are delighted to announce the publishing of the second volume of our Emerging Market Real Economy Sustainable Bond series. The first volume focused on potential sustainable bond issuance in three sectors across five African countries, this report examines the same three sectors and shifts the geographical focus to Eastern Europe and Central Asia covering Poland, Romania, Türkiye, Kazakhstan, Pakistan, and Uzbekistan.

The goal of this report series is to highlight the current and potential sustainable bond issuance by real economy issuers in emerging market countries.

This report follows the same structure as volume one, with an introductory chapter outlining the scope of the report and wider market context. Followed by three benchmark chapters examining each of the three sectors: power, transport, and agribusiness, from a global and sustainable finance perspective.

The analysis of the six focus countries examines the macro-economic situation, summarises government policies and regulations relevant to sustainable development and finance, and details all sustainable bond issuance. There are deep dives into the three target sectors in each country, analysing the sector structure, leading real economy companies, total fixed income debt, and an outlook for future sustainable bond issuance.

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