The Race for Green Capital in Emerging Markets

The interview-based report "Marathon or Sprint? The Race for Green Capital in Emerging Markets" authored by the Centre for Climate Finance & Investment at Imperial College Business School finds that while Emerging Markets (EM) are highly vulnerable to climate change, they are not attracting and deploying sufficient capital to fund climate transition, mitigation, and adaptation measures. Hurdles preventing the issuance of sufficient sustainable bond products include insufficient market standardization and investor development, overly short-term focused investment approaches, and the failure of green finance frameworks to address the needs for transition financing in EM. The report proposes to focus on coordinated launches of transition bonds for heavy emitters, addressing climate concerns with issuers, and lowering the focus on indexation in favor of long-term investing. International Financial Institutions and Sovereign Wealth Funds are well-placed to provide the patient risk-capital and risk-sharing and are encouraged to increase their involvement in stimulating EM transition finance.

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