White Paper 1 - Introduction to: ESG disclosure, sustainable bonds, and emerging markets

This white paper is the first in a three-part series examining the potential correlation between ESG disclosure ratings and sustainable bond issuance by emerging market entities and offers in-depth analysis of ESG disclosure regulations and their potential impact on sustainable bond issuance with a focus on emerging markets.

As global awareness of climate change and environmental and social impact grows, investors, corporations and regulators are increasingly recognising the importance of factoring ESG into investment strategies.

Whilst the positive correlation between ESG performance and financial performance is widely acknowledged, the correlation between ESG disclosure and sustainable bond issuance is less well established.

This white paper series will examine whether data and reporting infrastructure intended to support ESG disclosure requirements lowers the barriers and burdens of data availability and quality required to meet sustainable bond impact reporting obligations and for compliance with reporting principles to encourage sustainable bond issuance.

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