ESG investing and AI: is artificial intelligence the answer to data challenges?

The boom in environmental, social and governance (ESG) investing continues, and with it comes an increasing call from investors for financially material ESG data to be available so that investors can assess risks and make investment decisions. Advances in artificial intelligence (AI) technology have the potential to help investors to collect and aggregate ESG data more effectively. This could be particularly transformative in emerging markets where such data is scarce. This webinar will look at how investors are approaching such technologies and consider the opportunities for ESG data collection in emerging markets.

Key areas of discussion

How can artificial intelligence (AI) allow investors to collect environmental, social, and governance (ESG) data and analyse ESG risks and opportunities?

How can such technologies filter data? Which tasks can be automated?

How are the parameters of such programmes set and what information sources are available?

Term-busting: sentiment analysis, natural language processing and deep learning – what are they and how can they be applied to ESG investing?


Peter Cripps
Editor, Environmental Finance


Jean-Jacques Barberis
Head of Institutional and Corporate Clients Division, Amundi
Atiyah Curmally
IFC, Principal Environmental Specialist
Tegwen Le Berthe
Head of ESG Scoring and Methodology, Amundi
Libby Bernick
CEO, Impact Cubed
Luba Protopopova
Executive Vice President, Products and Strategy, RepRisk
Eric Van Nostrand
Head of Research for Multi-Asset Strategies & Sustainable Investments, BlackRock

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