Environmental Finance, supported by the IFC Green Bond Technical Assistance Program (GB-TAP), has published the second edition of the Green Bond Funds Impact Reporting Practices Study which analyses the impact reporting practices of green bond funds. The report focuses on the current impact reporting practices of green bond funds, tracking year-on-year evolution and comparing them to green bond investor expectations.

The results of the report will be discussed on this webinar and will engage a panel of experts to analyse how impact reporting at an issuer, fund and investor level can work towards greater accuracy, transparency and standardisation.

15-minute opening presentation. Key takeaways:

  • Summary of the green bond fund market and current impact reporting practices – what are the main challenges?
  • Analysis of year-on-year development of fund level impact reporting
  • Outline of investor preferences for impact reporting
  • What is next for green bond fund impact reporting?

45-minute panel discussion. Panel topics:

  • How are green bond impact reports evolving? What role could regulations and voluntary standards play in improving the standardisation of metrics and impact reports?
  • What affects will growing investor engagement have on impact reporting? What is driving this increased engagement? How are investor expectations of issuer and fund level impact reports changing?
  • What the main challenges to fund level impact reporting? How can disparate issuer impact metrics and reporting practices be aggregated to gauge portfolio level impact?
  • What does the future hold for issuer and fund level green bond impact reporting? Which metrics will grow in prominence? How could technology advances aid the gathering and verification of impact data?

Green Bond Funds - Impact Reporting Practices 2021

Green Bond Funds - Impact Reporting Practices 2021 is a report from Environmental Finance, supported by GB-TAP.

It is the second annual report and features surveys of green bond funds and investors, analysis of impact reporting practices, case studies from green bond funds, in-depth interviews with prominent investors, and an examination of the challenges of impact data collection and aggregation.

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Ben Smith (Presentation)

Data Strategist, Environmental Finance

Ahren Lester (Moderator)

Assistant editor, Environmental Finance

Katie House

Analyst, Sustainability & Impact, Affirmative Investment Management

Kaili Mao

Green Bond Analyst, NN Investment Partners

Saleem Shivji

Collectives Analyst, Rathbone Greenbank

Berit Lindholdt-Lauridsen

Senior Climate Finance Specialist, International Finance Corporation (IFC)

Date: Wednesday 2 February 2022
2:45pm – 4:00pm (GMT)
9:45am – 11:00am (EST)

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