The next decade is critical for the low-carbon transition and mobilizing investment for sustainable development. Emerging markets are expected to be the worst affected by climate change. However, they also have great potential for mitigation and adaptation projects, which can be funded by green bonds. While relatively small compared with the global bond market, the emerging market fixed income segment is sufficiently large and many bond issuers are well-equipped to become first-time green bond issuers. So, when we will see more emerging markets take these steps towards widespread green bond issuance, and what does this mean for investors? This webinar will cover the experience of green bond issuers in emerging markets and the benefits and challenges that they have experienced so far.

Key areas of discussion

  • Issuer perspective: benefits experienced from green bond issuance
  • Challenges faced and how they were overcome
  • The role of regional financial institutions in paving the way for emerging market green bonds
  • Which regions and sectors are demonstrating compelling fundamentals in emerging markets?
  • What do potential emerging market issuers need to know about issuing green bonds?
  • What are the prospects for investor demand and pricing benefits?


Peter Cripps (Moderator)

Editor, Environmental Finance

Kaikham Onedamdy

Operations Officer, IFC Climate Business Development

Dirk Dijksma

Head of Innovation Investments, Symbiotics

Gnékélé Gnassingbe

Resources Mobilisation Director, BOAD

Shushanik Hovsepyan

Head of Capital Markets, Ameriabank

Beatriz Muñoz Villa

Head of ALM & Capital, BBVA

Date: Wednesday 10 March 2021 - 3pm GMT/10am EDT

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