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ISS Director Data allows investors to access non-traditional information at a board level and provide a deeper look into the boardroom, generating a complete picture of board-level decision makers and inform new investment ideas.

Examining a director's profile for key experiences can help investors determine if directors possess qualifications necessary for a given board, or to uncover potential investment risks and opportunities in a portfolio. Data may also signal possible management changes, mergers, acquisitions, or boardroom turnover.

Director Data covers more than 200,000 global directors across 90 countries, with history going back to 2013. Topics covered include:

  • Biographical - Director Name, Gender, Age, Nationality, Employment History, Primary Employer
  • Boards - Tenure, Company has a Classified Board, Non-Executive Leadership Role of Directors
  • Skills/Background - Leadership, Financial Expertise, Government/Military Service, Technology or Engineering Experience
  • Affiliation - Director Independence, Founder, Shareholder Representative, CEO or Former CEO, Professional Services Provided by the Director, CEO of other companies
  • Committee Memberships - Audit Membership, Size of Audit Committee, Number of Audit Committee Meetings, % Independent Directors in Audit Committee
  • Share Ownership and Compensation - Shares Held and Represented, Percentage Voting Power of Director
  • Director Interlock/Social Network - Director has Board Interlocks, Number of Outside Public Boards
  • Board Level Statistics - Board Size, Number of Women on Board, % Independence, Number of New Nominees, Number of Affiliated Directors, Average Board Tenure, Average Director Age

Where and how do you source your data?

ISS’ data collection teams span the globe for company data. Director data is driven by publicly disclosed filings and annual reports to ensure consistency.

In September 2020, ISS completed enhancements to its Director Data solutions to include racial and ethnic characteristics of senior leaders at more than 6,000 U.S. corporations. On an individual basis, data coverage includes more than 33,000 directors and 6,800 named executive officers (NEOs). Prior to the release of the new data, ISS conducted a letter writing campaign to 3,300+ US issuers requesting improved disclosure.

Who are the data users?

Data is used by a broad range of institutional investors, asset managers, asset owners, fund managers, banks, government institutions, universities and research firms. 

What is the cost for your data offering?

Pricing is based on the method by which data is delivered. ISS can provide data via its proprietary platform, DataDesk, or via data feed. Pricing for this solution is available upon request.

What are the key attributes that differentiates the data you offer?

Data is generally fragmented, hard to find, varying by market. ISS’ Director and Board Data is presented in a format allowing for:

  • Incorporation into quantitative investment models
  • Identifying portfolio company director qualifications or practices requiring engagement with companies
  • Understanding portfolio companies’ director qualifications, refreshment, and interlocks for risk and performance analysis
  • Using board and director data as signals of possible management changes or catalysts for events like M&A or activist campaigns. 


@ISSGovernance's Director and Board Data covers 170,000+ directors across 110 countries and includes key data points such as affiliation, diversity, and committee membership.

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