ESG Data Guide 2021 Services for Sustainability-linked financial instruments (ESG ratings and Second-Party Opinions)

Vigeo Eiris - Services for Sustainability-linked financial instruments (ESG ratings and Second-Party Opinions)

Data category

  • Ratings
  • Second-party opinions

Brief description of the data offering

Our services address the two types of incentive mechanisms for sustainability-linked bonds and loans. We provide issuers and borrowers with the following: 

  • Annual ESG ratings - including a range of absolute scores on a scale of 0-100, sub scores on the ESG pillars, and sector rankings; companies are assessed within one of 40 sector-customised frameworks.
  • Second-Party Opinions on Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) - established according to Vigeo Eiris’ Environmental, Social and Governance (“ESG”) exclusive assessment methodology, to the latest version of the ICMA’s and LMA’s relevant standards, and to the key recommendations from the TEG Final Report on the EU Taxonomy (March 2020).

Where and how do you source your data?

Our sources of information are multichannel, combining data gathered from (i) public sources, press content providers and stakeholders, (ii) from Vigeo Eiris’ exclusive ESG rating database, (iii) information provided from the Issuer through documents, and (iv) sector standards and national/regional regulations.

Who are the data users?

Issuers and borrowers are our direct clients, but investors and lenders involved in the transactions are the final readers of the ratings and SPOs. At present, VE has delivered this service to about 30 companies all over the world.

What is the cost for your data offering?

For more information about the pricing, please contact:

What are the key attributes that differentiates the data you offer?

Vigeo Eiris is a worldwide trusted provider of ESG ratings and Second-Party Opinions:

  • Experience: With over 30 years of experience in sustainability assessments and nearly 300 SPOs delivered since 2012, our team is positioned to observe market best practices and participants’ expectations, especially investor perceptions.
  • Industry unique ISO 9001: Vigeo Eiris received the ISO 9001 (2015 version) certification for its quality management system covering all of the agency's global sites as well as its processes for providing ESG solutions to market participants.
  • Credibility of our Second-Party Opinions: VE is a respected and recognized agency, and a longstanding pioneer in the development of market standards
    Our team benefits from the knowledge and expertise of our ESG research team (160+ ESG experts), which evaluates the ESG performances of 5,000+ organizations operating in 40 sectors of activities all over the world. This expertise enables us to understand issuers’ unique challenges, and on Second Party Opinions, conduct a fine-tuned and relevant ESG assessment of the KPIs materiality.
  • Quality of our ESG rating methodology
    Our methodology is:
    • Consistent - reviewed by an independent Scientific Committee
    • Transparent - public and explained in detail to all rated companies
    • Stable – our methodological structure and principles have not changed since its creation in 2002; we also commit to keep the exact same number of assessed criteria from one year to another for ratings used in sustainability-linked instruments.
    • Global presence: Our teams’ sustainable finance expertise is complemented by our regional offices in New York, Santiago, Paris, Milan, London, Brussels, Rabat, Casablanca and Hong Kong.

All these points are supported by our team spanning multiple continents and time zones. Across the team, the following languages are spoken: English, Spanish, French, Italian and Japanese.


30+ yrs in the ESG market & 300+ SPOs provided worldwide, @VigeoEiris is one of the main #ESG ratings & #SPO providers for sustainability-linked financial instruments. Expertise, Quality & Transparency are the key elements to our approach #BecauseESGmatters


Corporate Statements

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