Guide to ESG data providers :: CDP Cities Dataset (Matchmaker)

CDP - CDP Cities Dataset (Matchmaker)

Data category

  • Environmental data
  • Governance data

What data do you provide?

The CDP Matchmaker dataset contains comprehensive quantitative and qualitative data from over 650 cities, towns, and counties publicly disclosing environmental information to CDP. The dataset contains information on a broad array of municipal infrastructure projects seeking financing, as well as information on climate risks and opportunities, governance and strategy, emissions management, and relevant mitigation and adaptation plans of the disclosing municipalities. The project pipeline contains information on over 1,000 projects worldwide, with total costed projects surpassing $72 billion USD. Projects range in size from under $1 million to over $5 billion, in phase from scoping to implementation, and in type: projects include renewable energy, energy efficiency, transportation, waste management, water management, green infrastructure, outdoor lighting, and more.

Where and how do you source your data?

CDP requests cities, towns, counties, and townships to disclose on their environmental performance and climate change and water security governance via the annual Cities questionnaire. This information is entirely self-reported and in 2018, over 750 cities, states and regions reported. CDP provides questionnaire guidance to city governments to ensure uniform responses for a comparable dataset.

Who are the data users?

Municipal fixed-income investors, impact investors, private equity investors, infrastructure investors, municipal banking teams, project developers, and credit rating agencies all use CDP Matchmaker data and insights to make better decisions, manage risk, and capitalize on opportunities. 


What is the cost for your data offering?

Please inquire about pricing at