ESG Data Guide 2023

ISS ESG - Net Zero Solutions

Data category

  • Environmental data
  • Research data

The data offers solutions for:

  • Climate scenario analysis
  • Environmental impact analysis and insight
  • Investment decisions and portfolio insight
  • Reporting: Impact
  • Reporting: TCFD

Who are the data users?

  • Corporates
  • Trustees
  • Investors
  • Government
  • Financial institutions
  • Index providers

Where and how do you source your data?

Net Zero data within the is collected from a range of sources, including:

  • Third party providers for key financial indicators such as FactSet or Standard & Poor's (“S&P”)
  • Public information, including annual reports, PRI Signatory Reporting, etc.
  • Subscription databases, including data from CDP, Science Based Targets Initiative
  • Forecast data from IEA on decarbonisation pathways and market growth projections from well-respected macro-analysis forecast.
  • Carbon reserves data is modelled by ISS ESG using a wide range of factors including location of reserves, industry peer evaluations, and historical data

ISS ESG's calculation of Net Zero trajectories does not consider corporate targets. This is done because the projections are based solely on performance, not future ambitions.

What is the cost for your data offering?

Pricing is based on the method by which data is delivered. ISS ESG can provide data via its proprietary platform, DataDesk, or via data feed. Pricing for this solution is available upon request.

What are the key attributes that differentiates the data you offer?

  • Distinct methodology for defining net zero alignment

ISS ESG’s Net Zero alignment assessment is based on companies’ substantiated commitments to achieving Net Zero by 2050, as well as whether they have established interim targets, and have a decarbonization strategy. 

  • Comprehensive issuer- and portfolio-level alignment analysis

ISS ESG’s Net Zero Solution help investors understand the level of disclosure and target setting they can expect from an issuer today, and how this translates into both an issuer-level Net Zero alignment as well as an aggregated view of a portfolio’s readiness for Net Zero.

  • Serves as a basis for ISS ESG’s Net Zero Thematic Engagement Solution

ISS ESG offers dedicated thematic engagement solutions which allow investors to participate in a joint outreach and dialogue with companies on Net Zero alignment, particularly in relation to improved disclosure or more ambitious target setting.

  • A unique and sophisticated emissions modelling system

ISS ESG utilizes a sophisticated approximation system to estimate emissions, including approximately 800 climate-relevant sector and subsector-specific models, allowing ISS ESG to calculate the GHG emissions of companies based on those criteria that are most relevant to their line of business.

  • Comprehensive Coverage

ISS ESG’s data base of GHG emissions contains more than 35,000 issuers across a range of asset classes as of March 2022, including listed companies and issuers of corporate debt.

  • Data Quality and Transparency

ISS ESG’s granular emissions modelling system was developed over three years with scientists from ETH Zurich. Additionally, ISS ESG helps to ensure transparency by including a trust and quality rating for every data point.

  • Experience

ISS ESG has worked with financial market participants and governments to screen trillions of dollars in assets under management for their climate impact. ISS ESG partners with a wide range of other specialists on a non-exclusive base to complement our research and service with premier market offerings.


Are you ready for Net Zero? @ISSESG’s Net Zero Solution helps investors understand the level of disclosure and target setting they can expect from an issuer today, and how this translates into issuer & portfolio-level Net Zero alignment.