ESG Data Guide 2023

Zoological Society of London - SPOTT

Data category

  • Environmental data
  • Governance data
  • Indices/Exchange data
  • Rankings
  • Research data
  • Verification/certification data
  • Soft commodity supply chain transparency data

The data offers solutions for:

  • Environmental impact analysis and insight
  • Investment decisions and portfolio insight
  • Nature-based information: Biodiversity
  • Nature-based information: Land use
  • Reporting: CSRD
  • Reporting: Impact
  • Reporting: Other Regulations
  • Reporting: TCFD
  • Reporting: TNFD
  • Reporting: UN SDGs
  • Social impact analysis and insight

Who are the data users?

  • Corporates
  • Financial institutions
  • Government
  • Investors
  • Buyers

Brief description of the data offering

ZSL's SPOTT Platform is a comprehensive online tool offering essential Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) data about commodity producers and traders. SPOTT assesses companies against over 180 indicators that encompass transparency and performance in managing environmental, social, and governance risks. Leveraging publicly available data, it promotes industry transparency, encourages corporate engagement, and aids investors and supply chain stakeholders in informed decision-making. SPOTT covers the palm oil, timber and pulp, and natural rubber sectors, aiding in the reduction of deforestation and biodiversity loss.

Where and how do you source your data?

SPOTT sources its data primarily from public domain sources, including company websites, reports, and policy documents. It meticulously assesses over 180 ESG indicators for each company, evaluating their commitment to transparency, environmental stewardship, and socially responsible practices. This extensive review process involves examining sustainability reports, corporate websites, and third-party audits. Data is updated annually for each commodity. To ensure fairness and accuracy, draft assessments are shared with companies before publication for feedback. This robust methodology facilitates objective, consistent, and transparent ESG data provision, empowering stakeholders to make informed decisions.

What is the cost for your data offering?

All SPOTT data is freely available.


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