ESG Data Guide 2023

Morningstar Sustainalytics - Intentionality and Stewardship Data (Wealth)

Data category

  • Rankings
  • Ratings
  • Research data

The data offers solutions for:

Investment decisions and portfolio insight

Who are the data users?

  • Investors
  • Financial institutions

Brief description of the data offering

Use these data sets to understand how funds and fund managers are addressing ESG considerations.

Fund Sustainable Attributes: Make better investment decisions with insights into how fund managers are addressing ESG considerations and sustainable investing themes.

ESG Commitment Level: This rating is an expression of Morningstar analysts’ assessment of asset managers’ determination to incorporate ESG factors into their investment processes and organizations. It is assigned to asset managers.

Proxy Voting (US- Only): Understand how funds vote in comparison to their peers, analyze investor sentiment towards fund stewardship, and correlate fund-level proxy voting to overall sustainability risk and ratings. Make informed investment decisions that promote sustainable business and align holdings that protect against environmental and social risks.

Where and how do you source your data?

  • Sustainable AttributesInvestments are marked as exclusionary or sustainable after review of the prospectus or offering documents relevant in the strategy's country of registration. For model portfolios, Canadian pooled funds, collective trusts, and SMAs, data is sourced from investment providers via a self-reporting database.
  • ESG Commitment Level: Morningstar’s manager research team conducts qualitative, analyst-driven research on investment managers by evaluating their ESG philosophy and process, resources and active ownership.
  • Proxy Voting: Sourced from the company’s proxy materials and the vote outcome for each ballot item, as well as the individual vote records of funds which hold equities. Proxy data can be viewed at both the equity and fund level.

What is the cost for your data offering?

Our pricing is based on scope of that data needed and each client’s specific use case. Contact us at to learn more.  

What are the key attributes that differentiates the data you offer?

Morningstar Sustainalytics facilitates a variety of stewardship avenues for our investor clients to help promote and protect long-term shareholder value. We work with the world’s leading asset owners and managers to engage with issuers who have high levels of unmanaged material ESG risk. We influence companies to proactively address systemic ESG risks and identify ESG related opportunities, and we support investors to align integrated ESG research and engagement dialogue with proxy voting.


Morningstar Sustainalytics works with leading asset owners & managers to engage issuers who have high levels of unmanaged material ESG risk. Services influence companies to address systemic ESG risks, identify opportunities and support investors to align integrated ESG research and dialogue.