Guide to ESG data providers :: 2D Scenario Analysis Tool

Carbon Tracker Initiative - 2D Scenario Analysis Tool

Data category

  • Environmental data
  • Financial Data

What data do you provide?

The tool gives investors a new insight into company portfolios via a range of quantitative metrics based on detailed, forward looking project-level analysis for 70 oil & gas companies:

  • Upstream production and capex profile: company’s future production by resource and capex exposure to unsanctioned projects. 
  • Upstream NPV sensitivity analysis 
  • 2ºC capex transition risk: the cost profile of the company’s potential capex, and that proportion of which is inside the “2°C budget” (an aggregate level of fossil fuel demand/emissions resulting in 2°C of global warming) and that which is outside. Capital invested in high-cost projects outside the budget carries a greater risk of being stranded.
  • 1.75ºC capex transition risk: comparison with a 1.75ºC scenario, more aligned with the Paris Agreement target.

Where and how do you source your data?

Potential production and cash flow data is sourced from Rystad Energy’s UCube database. 

At present, the universe is based on the constituents of the S&P Global Oil Index classified as “Oil & Gas Exploration & Production” or “Integrated Oil & Gas”.

Who are the data users?

The application provides investors in the energy sector and commodities markets, or those with a focus on sustainable investments, insight into oil and gas companies’ upstream portfolios.

What is the cost for your data offering?

The application has been produced by Carbon Tracker in partnership with Bloomberg and is freely available on the Bloomberg App Portal at {APPS TRACK <GO>} for the Bloomberg Terminal subscribers.

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