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Environmental Finance DataField Gibson Media
Empirical ESG and Impact DataImpact-Cubed
Corporate Governance Information SearchJapan Exchange Group, Inc.
JPX ESG IndicesJapan Exchange Group, Inc.
SDI Asset Owner PlatformSDI Asset Owner Platform
Coller FAIRR Protein Producer IndexFAIRR Initiative
Coller FAIRR Climate Risk ToolFAIRR Initiative
GreenScanrData Company One Inc
LGX DataHubLuxembourg Stock Exchange
ESGpedia - Nexus for SustainabilityHashstacs Pte Ltd
S&P Global Ratings Second Party Opinions, featuring Shades of GreenS&P Global Ratings
Physical Risk AnalyticsCross Dependency Initiative – (XDI Pty Ltd)
Climate, Impact and ESG Corporate Equity, Fixed Income and REIT Metrics, & RatingsHIP Investor
Climate, Impact and ESG Fund & ETF RatingsHIP Investor
Climate, Impact, ESG & SDG Issuer Benchmarking & ReportingHIP Investor
Climate, Impact and ESG Municipal Bond Data, Metrics, & RatingsHIP Investor
Fossil Free, Impact and ESG US Retirement Plans, including 401(k) and 403(b)HIP Investor
ESG SolutionsPreqin
BIODIVERSITY IMPACT ANALYTICS POWERED BY THE GLOBAL BIODIVERSITY SCORE™ (BIA-GBS) for the biodiversity impact and dependencies of companiesCarbon4 Finance
CLIMATE RISK IMPACT SCREENING (CRIS) for Climate Physical RiskCarbon4 Finance
Geospatial ESG SolutionsVerisk Maplecroft
Sovereign ESG RatingsVerisk Maplecroft
Net-Zero Voting PolicyMinerva Analytics
Climate Voting PolicyMinerva Analytics
ESG DataMinerva Analytics
ESG RatingMinerva Analytics
ESG Custom RatingMinerva Analytics
SDG Mapping: assessing alignment & impactMinerva Analytics
CARBON IMPACT ANALYTICS (CIA) For climate transition riskCarbon4 Finance
Equileap: Gender Equality and Diversity&Inclusion DataEquileap
CIARA – Carbon Impact Analytics for Real AssetsCarbon4 Finance
ESG Reporting Suite for Venture & Growth CapitalMetric
Environmental Vulnerability Space-Data-as-a-Service4EI
ESG Impact RatingInrate AG
Climate DataInrate AG
Biodiversity DataInrate AG
Business Activity Impact AssessmentInrate AG
ESG Controversies ScreeningInrate AG
Adverse Product ScreeningInrate AG
Sustainability CopilotPortageBay
UNGC ScreeningInrate AG
SDG Impact AssessmentInrate AG
EU Taxonomy DataInrate AG
SFDR DataInrate AG
Portageur: AI that reads and analyzes 50,000 ESG documentsPortageBay
Engagement CopilotPortageBay
Global Impact DatabaseImpact Institute
Sustainability Assurance ServicesVerco
ESG data collection and reporting programmesVerco
TAXO TOOL: AI Solution for Sustainable FinanceDYDON AI
ESG SolutionsFE fundinfo
Fund EET DataFE fundinfo
ESGSignals®RS Metrics
Green Bond DatabaseClimate Bonds Initiative
Social and Sustainability Bond DatabaseClimate Bonds Initiative
Verification (Third Party)Futurepast: Inc
ESG, Climate & NatureS&P Global
Global Integrated Energy ModelS&P Global
Clean Energy Procurement ServiceS&P Global
Corporate Emissions SolutionS&P Global
Sustainable Fitch - Sustainable Bonds DataSustainable Fitch
Sustainable Fitch - Impact Metrics for Labelled BondsSustainable Fitch
Sustainable Fitch - Leveraged Finance ESG Entities ScoresSustainable Fitch
Sustainable Fitch - ESG Impact RatingsSustainable Fitch
Sustainable Fitch - Second Party OpinionsSustainable Fitch
SAP Fioneer ESG KPI EngineSAP Fioneer
RepRisk ESG Risk PlatformRepRisk
RepRisk GeospatialRepRisk
Screening & ConteroversiesISS STOXX
Ratings & RankingsISS STOXX
Climate & NatureISS STOXX
Regulatory SolutionsISS STOXX
Engagement & Bespoke SolutionsISS STOXX
RepRisk Data FeedsRepRisk
RepRisk MonitorRepRisk
RepRisk ReportsRepRisk
ESG Data Solutionsimug rating
News Aggregator/Controversies Monitoring ToolSG Analytics Pvt. Ltd
ESG Research and Data ServicesSG Analytics Pvt. Ltd
CBF – Corporate Biodiversity FootprintIceberg Data Lab
SB2A – Science-Based 2°C AlignmentIceberg Data Lab
Dependency scoresIceberg Data Lab
Positive Contribution ClimateIceberg Data Lab
Positive contribution biodiversityIceberg Data Lab
Carbon FootprintIceberg Data Lab
LSEG Sustainable Finance and Investment SolutionsLSEG
Sanctify ESGSanctify ESG
Second Party OpinionISS-Corporate
Fathom’s Product StackFathom Global
Asset-level IndicatorsGRESB
Resolution DatabasePrinciples for Responsible Investment
Climate Data for Companies and FundsMorningstar Sustainalytics
Asset-based Company Indicators – Essential and AdvancedGRESB
Forest 500Global Canopy
ENCOREGlobal Canopy
Forest IQGlobal Canopy
Investor in renewable energyNew Sources Energy N.V.
RepuTex EnergyReputex
Informe Anual OFISOObservatorio Español de la Financiación Sostenible
ClimateWatchWorld Resources Institute
Forest AtlasesWorld Resources Institute
Global Forest WatchWorld Resources Institute
Global Forest Watch ProWorld Resources Institute
LandMarkWorld Resources Institute
PREPdataWorld Resources Institute
Resource WatchWorld Resources Institute
WRI AqueductWorld Resources Institute
Energy Access ExplorerWorld Resources Institute
MapBuilderWorld Resources Institute
Ocean WatchWorld Resources Institute
Water, Peace and Security - Global Early Warning ToolWorld Resources Institute
Global Water WatchWorld Resources Institute
WRI Open Data PortalWorld Resources Institute
Systems Change LabWorld Resources Institute
Open Timber Portal World Resources Institute
AgriAdaptWorld Resources Institute
ESG ratingsCovalence SA
ESG news dataCovalence SA
Greenomy CSRD & EU Taxonomy SolutionGreenomy
Celsia Sustainability Reporting SoftwareISS-Corporate
D&B ESG IntelligenceDun & Bradstreet
ESG, Climate, and Nature Sustainability Solutions by S&P Global Sustainable1 | 2024S&P Global
Global Sustainable Competitiveness Index - ESG country rating and analysisSolability
Assurance - ESG Disclosures and Sustainability Report AssuranceSGS
Second-Party Opinions on Sustainable Bonds and LoansSGS
Sustainable Supply Chain Risk Audit and MonitoringSGS
UN SDG Impact AssuranceSGS
Moody’s Ratings Second Party OpinionMoody’s Ratings
Moody’s Ratings Net Zero AssessmentMoody’s Ratings
Asset-based AnalyticsGRESB
The Reporting ExchangeESG Book
ESG Performance ScoreESG Book
ESG DataESG Book
Risk ScoreESG Book
Integrated Biodiversity Assessment Tool (IBAT)IBAT
Decarbonisation Analytics SuiteESG Book
Corporate ESG AnalyticsESG Book
SFDR Data SolutionsESG Book
Sustainable RevenuesESG Book
EU Taxonomy Data SetESG Book
ESG Data by Moody’sMoody's
Oil & Gas Company Assessment of Transition Risk and Paris AlignmentCarbon Tracker Initiative
Open Source Materiality Assessment for CSRD reportingMettle Capital
PMTSG Analytics Pvt. Ltd
IDEATSG Analytics Pvt. Ltd
EU ESG Manufacturer (EET Data)SIX
Climate Data by Moody’sMoody's
Net impact - quantified holistic impactUpright Project
SDG revenue alignmentUpright Project
CSRD double materialityUpright Project
SFDR PAI indicators & EU taxonomy dataUpright Project
Green Bond Transparency Platform (GBTP)Inter-American Development Bank
ESG Risk RatingsMorningstar Sustainalytics
Second Party OpinionsMorningstar Sustainalytics
Impact MetricsMorningstar Sustainalytics
Low Carbon Transition RatingsMorningstar Sustainalytics
EU Action Plan SolutionsMorningstar Sustainalytics
Physical Climate Risk MetricsMorningstar Sustainalytics
Amalthea FS - Climate and Environment Data MarketplaceAmalthea FS
Sustainalytics Product InvolvementMorningstar Sustainalytics
Stewardship ServicesMorningstar Sustainalytics
Climate and Nature Solutions by MSCIMSCI
Sustainability Solutions by MSCIMSCI
Sustainable Economy IntelligenceCorporate Knights
GSS Bonds Data&RatingsMainStreet Partners
Bloomberg Sustainable Finance SolutionsBloomberg
Fathom’s Product StackFathom Global
Beyond Hindsight Climate Risk
Climate Earth Digital Twin (CDT)
Fund EcoMarketSRI Services
Nasdaq Sustainable Bond NetworkNasdaq
Nasdaq ESG Data HubNasdaq
Nasdaq ESG Data PortalNasdaq
Carbon Removal Certificate - CORC DataNasdaq
iSA, iS, impak Score™, SFDR+iImpak Analytics
TSC Water Security IndexThomas Schumann Water
Indices by S&P Dow Jones IndicesS&P Global
Sustainability Insights SuiteMatter
Clarity AI Sustainability Tech KitClarity AI
ICE Climate Physical Risk DataICE
ICE Climate Transition Analytics ToolICE
ICE ESG Company DataICE
European ESG Template (EET) solutionICE
ICE Emissions & Targets DataICE
ICE ESG Geo-Analyzer ToolICE
ICE Impact Bond Classification ServiceICE
SFDR Principal Adverse Impact (PAI) DataICE
Task-force for Climate-related Financial Disclosure (TCFD) DataICE
ICE UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) Data – Municipal BondsICE
DEEP Start:DEEP Brasil Informação & Tecnologia S.A. (“DEEP”)
DEEP Advanced:DEEP Brasil Informação & Tecnologia S.A. (“DEEP”)
DEEP Impact:DEEP Brasil Informação & Tecnologia S.A. (“DEEP”)