Market insight

  • Seizing the nature investment opportunity

    Climate Asset Management has just raised $650 million for its two natural capital investment strategies. Martin Berg, the chief investment officer of its Nature Based Carbon Strategy, explains its approach

  • Measuring the biodiversity footprint of a portfolio

    Elodie Milleret, Iceberg Data Lab's lead biodiversity expert gives an overview of Iceberg's Corporate Biodiversity Footprint (CBF) measurement tool

  • The role of investors in reversing deforestation

    Commodity-driven deforestation poses significant risks to companies and their investors, write Ingrid Kukuljan and Sonya Likhtman

  • Natural selection: the investment case for addressing biodiversity loss

    Investment opportunities are emerging to reduce pressure on biodiversity - although nature restoration is proving thornier, say Lisa Beauvilain, global head of sustainability and stewardship, and Chris Dodwell, head of policy and advocacy, at Impax Asset Management

  • Putting a price on the priceless

    Quantifying Nature is developing a platform that will enable companies and investors to understand their assets' value at risk from degrading nature. Its CEO Adrien Firmenich and head of biodiversity Minerva Singh explain

  • Crediting nature

    Verra's director of sustainable development innovation Sinclair Vincent discusses a new nature crediting framework that the standards-setting body is developing.

  • MSCI ESG and Climate Trends to Watch for 2023

    MSCI ESG Research's latest report looks at how some of the major global developments may shape the investment environment and impact the challenges and opportunities facing companies in the year ahead.

  • How to gain insight into ESG reporting with Global Machine Readable Filings

    Historically, environmental, social, and governance (ESG) documents have been a voluntary filing for corporations to exemplify their adherence to a high standard of social and governance policies.

  • Climate-driven investing is heating up

    Acting on climate change takes partnership. We work closely with our clients and the industry to provide climate solutions that can cool down investment strategies.

  • Gaining specialist clarity on ESG in fixed income

    How escalating demands in the labelled bond space are changing practices for investors and what you need to do to keep pace