Market insight

  • Standards catalyse finance for biodiversity conservation

    As more and more organisations enter the biodiversity market, Verra strives to ensure that the high standards of projects are maintained, as Naomi Swickard, Chief Program Officer, outlines.

  • Gaining an EDGE in financing green buildings

    The IFC's EDGE programme is at the forefront of developing green building certification and adapting to local construction needs from Colombia to Singapore and beyond.

  • Financing the journey to net zero

    Sustainable finance can help carbon-intensive sectors transition to net zero - as long as corporate plans are credible, transparent and clearly signposted. Mark Nicholls reports

  • Transparency Pays in the Age of Sustainable Investing

    While there is no question that the rapid uptake of sustainable investing is impressive, the long-term health of this endeavor relies on one thing: Satisfying both issuers and investors.

  • Protect Papua New Guinea's Rainforest: COP26 REDD+ Carbon Credits Auction

    The Coalition for Rainforest Nations and EY are proud to launch the first REDD+ rainforest carbon credit auction in compliance with the Paris Agreement to be held at the Glasgow Climate Summit (COP26) from November 1st -November 3rd, 2021.

  • Incorporating ESG into US equity benchmarks

    Investors wanting to incorporate ESG considerations into a broad US market passive portfolio have traditionally had to accept a certain - often high - level of deviation from the risk/return characteristics of their benchmark.

  • Entering the ESG ratings fray

    With its new ESG Ratings product, Fitch claims to offer the market's most comprehensive approach to entity, debt instrument and ESG framework ratings. Environmental Finance talks to Global Head of Sustainable Fitch Andrew Steel

  • Embedding ESG into fixed income futures

    Eurex aims to leverage its experience in environmental, social and governance (ESG) solutions and offer a new way for its clients to efficiently manage their fixed income investments.

  • Making the right connections

    As the global economy goes digital, the telecoms, media and communications sector is taking on a double-edged challenge - to manage its environmental footprint as well as providing sustainable solutions for its customers.

  • Responding to the call for sustainable capital

    Across the globe, capital market issuers, investors and financial institutions are responding to increased demand with solutions that satisfy the complex but complementary goals of financing business investments and helping to address important social and environmental issues, including climate change.