Market insight

  • Embedding ESG into fixed income futures

    Eurex aims to leverage its experience in environmental, social and governance (ESG) solutions and offer a new way for its clients to efficiently manage their fixed income investments.

  • Making the right connections

    As the global economy goes digital, the telecoms, media and communications sector is taking on a double-edged challenge - to manage its environmental footprint as well as providing sustainable solutions for its customers.

  • Responding to the call for sustainable capital

    Across the globe, capital market issuers, investors and financial institutions are responding to increased demand with solutions that satisfy the complex but complementary goals of financing business investments and helping to address important social and environmental issues, including climate change.

  • Financing a sustainable food system

    Sustainability is increasingly on the agenda for the food and agriculture sector, opening opportunities for sustainable finance. Mark Nicholls reports

  • What's next for sky-rocketing sustainable debt markets? Sizing up the trends and challenges in sustainable finance

    While the past year and a half has been a wild ride from all angles - as the pandemic rattled our planet - it was also a dynamic time for sustainable debt markets, including record issuances and growing popularity of social and sustainability-linked bonds.

  • Deciphering the ESG data deluge

    First an FX trader and later the global head of ESG at Northern Trust, Mamadou-Abou Sarr has first-hand experience of quantitative finance and ESG investing. He believes his new investment firm holds the answer to bringing both approaches together

  • Aligning finance with purpose

    Companies need to pull every lever they can to help them meet their sustainability objectives: tapping sustainable finance can help align their financing strategy and their investors with their ESG goals. Mark Nicholls reports

  • How can we finance climate adaptation? Nature-based solutions to the Americas' climate change risks

    The concepts of 'natural capital' and 'nature-based solutions' are gaining attention among public and private sector issuers who can adapt to climate change and biodiversity risks with the help of green or sustainability-linked debt

  • A coalition to combat climate change

    Carlos Sanchez, executive director for the Coalition for Climate Resilient Investment (CCRI) and director of climate resilience finance at Willis Towers Watson's climate and resilience hub, discusses the CCRI's mission and successes to date

  • Searching for 'Greenium'

    Is there a green pricing premium in the secondary bond market? We deconstruct data from iBoxx Global Green, Social and Sustainability Bond index to find out.