Letters from Lima

Channels: Markets, Policy

Companies: Friends of the Earth, IETA, Baker & McKenzie, The Gold Standard, Global Canopy Programme, Project Developer Forum

People: Karen Orenstein, Katie Sullivan, Arjuna Dibley, Sarah Leugers, Rachel Mountain, Illona Millar, Tanya Peterson, Gareth Phillips

The UN climate conference in Lima was billed as a key event in the build-up to a global agreement in Paris in 2015. This series of articles looks at some of the major topics covered.

The role of the Green Climate Fund in providing the missing 'Clean Trillion' (Jon Williams, PwC)

What does 'the Lima call to climate action' mean for investors? (Katie Kouchakji)

Don't turn the GCF into the Greedy Corporate Fund (Karen Orenstein, Friends of the Earth)

Why finance matters to the UN talks - and business (Katie Sullivan, IETA)

REDD+ still has room to grow (Arjuna Dibley, Baker & McKenzie)

The principles to fuel effective climate policy (Sarah Leugers, The Gold Standard)

Lima meeting sees several attempts to clarify role of forest carbon credits (Graham Cooper)