27 May 2022

Video: Affirmative Investment Management's Katie House on social bonds

“The biggest impact that the European Commission's social taxonomy will have is that it can provide really helpful guidance, especially for our research to determine whether something should fall into our investable universe,” according to Katie House, Partner, Sustainability at Affirmative Investment Management.

Speaking at Environmental Finance’s ESG in Fixed Income EMEA conference in London last month, she added: “Social targets can be a good fit for the SLB format. I think there is a bit of a challenge with social targets just being less well-defined than environmental targets. There's a bit more of a coalescence around what environmental targets are, the ones that investors are looking for and the ones that issuers can report”.

Watch the video:

Katie House at ESG in Fixed Income EMEA 2022

The discussion will carry on at our ESG in Fixed Income Americas conference on 28 September in New York, where Environmental Finance will continue to play a critical role in providing breadth and depth to the sustainable bond market.

For more information, please visit the conference website.