22 March 2022

Free sustainability-linked bond and loan metrics report published

The Environmental Finance sustainable bond and loan database has published a free report on the major trends among key performance indicators (KPIs) used by sustainability-linked bonds (SLBs) and sustainability-linked loans (SLLs).

Environmental Finance Data – which also tracks green, social and sustainability bonds and loans – published the KPIs report shortly after the recently renamed service expanded to include searchable SLB and SLL metrics.

Environmental Finance developed 19 KPI categories based on metrics used for such instruments. These included commonly used metrics around greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions and renewable energy as well as less common KPIs related to health and safety and biodiversity and conservation metrics.

GHG emission KPIs dominate SLB and SLL instruments, according to the report, with more than three-quarters of all SLBs and half of SLLs using a KPI tied to that metric. Nonetheless, the other common metrics chosen vary significantly between SLB and SLL issuances.

Among the other insights from the report is that Europe – led by France, alongside Germany, Italy and the UK – dominates the SLB and SLL markets by volume.

Nonetheless, whereas North America is the second largest SLL market – with more than a quarter of total volume – it is South America where the second largest SLB issuance has emerged.

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