Winners of Environmental Finance's Sustainable Investment Awards 2021 revealed

The winners of Environmental Finance's annual Sustainable Investment Awards for 2021 have been announced.

The awards honour investors and other players in the market who have been leaders in the field of sustainable finance.

The winners were selected by a panel of independent judges, made up of asset owners.

Some of the biggest winners are:

Personality of the year was awarded to Faith Ward – chief responsible investment officer of the Brunel Pension Partnership, who has helped make the pension fund a sustainability leader, while simultaneously working with numerous influential bodies to drive change more broadly.

The full list of the more than 45 winners can be found here.

"Congratulations to every one of the winners for the 2021 awards," said Peter Cripps, editor of Environmental Finance. "These awards help recognise your leadership in this important and dynamic field.

"In addition, I would like to thank all of the judges who volunteered their time to help assess the more than 300 entries and vote for their favourites."

Reports by Joe Walsh, Annabelle Palmer, Michael Hurley, Ahren Lester, Madeleine Jenkins, Thomas Cox and Peter Cripps.